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Allar eco-district


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Overview of the future eco-district. © Babylone Aagroup.

Eiffage is building an exemplary eco-neighbourhood in the north of Marseille. Smartseille, for which the first stone was laid in April 2015, tackles the new challenges raised by the drive towards sustainable development. This operation represents the first milestone in the Euroméditerranée II urban regeneration programme, and the first component of what will ultimately become a government approved eco-neighbourhood qualifying for the ÉcoCité label.

In a break with practices introduced in the 1960's, when buildings and infrastructures were built in separate areas devoted to housing, production and commercial activities, Smartseille aims to establish a genuine social, functional and generational mix. The neighbourhood will feature offices and apartments, as well as a hotel, crèche, school and intergenerational residence, offering a total of 58,000 sq. m of accommodation.

To minimise the development's ecological footprint and avoid unnecessary land consumption, the eco-neighbourhood will be linked to central Marseille by low-impact transport services and will feature semi high-rise buildings.