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The Tamarins Road

The Tamarins road runs for almost 34 kilometres and provides the residents of Reunion Island (Indian Ocean) easy access to Saint-Paul in the north and Étang-Salé in the south. The Eiffage public works and metals divisions built more than half of the new road, between 2005 and 2009.

To build the first 14 kilometres that were intersected by numerous ravines, 2.5 million cubic metres of earth had to be displaced and 43 civil engineering structures erected in a heterogeneous region where hydraulic breakers were of little use.

The highlights of the road include : the Grande Ravine viaduct - a motorway bridge that spans a ravine 280 metres wide and 170 metres deep with no intermediate piers; the Saint-Paul viaduct - a 756 metre bridge built using successive cantilevers; and the Ravine Trois Bassins viaduct.

Viaduc Ravine Trois Bassins©René Carayol_wp.jpg

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