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Renovation of the Grand Louvre

In 1989, Paris inaugurated the Louvre pyramid. The glass and metal triangle designed by the Chinese-American architect Ming Pei has become a part of the landscape.

The metal frame was entrusted to CFEM (now Eiffage Construction Métallique). The pyramid, which has a base surface area of 1,000 m²,  rises to almost 22 metres above ground and required 95 tons of steel, 105 tons of aluminium frame and 603 diamond shaped panes of glass to construct.

The “large pyramid” is surrounded by much smaller copies and there is even an inverted pyramid built beneath the Carrousel du Louvre. It is now a Paris landmark and one of the most visited sites in the capital. Over the years, Eiffage has also contributed to the renovation of the adjacent wings and lighting for the largest museum in the world.

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