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Construction of a lock at Anvers

Eiffage has helped to build the world’s biggest lock at Waaslandhaven, the port of Antwerp docks.

With a length of 500 metres, the Deurganckdok lock is as long as 28 buses parked bumper to bumper. And with a width of 68 metres, it has the size of a 19-lane motorway.

The new lock is accessible to the new generation 14,000 TEU container ships – which can be up to 397.5 metres long, 56.4 metres wide, with a depth of between 13.1 to 14.5 metres -, using the necessary tugs (60 tons) and in normal wind speed conditions.


© Antwerp Port Authority.



© Patrick Vanhopplinus.

Construction of the lock, bridges and other equipment involved 5 million cubic metres of earthworks. It also required 22,000 tons of structural steel, which is three times more than the 7,300 tons of steel used to build the Eiffel Tower, 795,000 m³ of reinforced concrete, 50,000 m³ of sheet piling, and a 44,000 m² asphalt mattress.

Five companies make up the temporary Waaslandsluis consortium set up to specifically oversee construction : Herbosch-Kiere and Antwerpse Bouwwerken specialised in maritime and waterways construction, part of the Eiffage group; CEI-De Meyer and Betonac, part of the Bam group; and the Jan de Nul group, which specialises in dredging.