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The Safety Force© risk prevention app developed by Eiffage wins top prize at FNTP public works awards



Safety Force©, the smartphone app for risk prevention designed by Eiffage's Infrastructures division scooped first prize at the public works awards contest organised two-yearly by the French public works federation (FNTP).

The unique, innovative tool measures safety performance levels in real time on the division’s construction sites all over the world by assessing compliance with 20 fundamental safety requirements.

The application uses a predictive algorithm to constantly calculate the probability of an accidental event occurring and alerts the relevant teams as necessary.

The design of Safety Force© was inspired by the chaos theory founded by mathematician Edward Lorenz, which established that a tiny variation in parameters at the origin of a system can, notably, lead to a variation in the final result. The purpose of Safety Force© is to identify any deviations from safety standards as far upstream as possible, before a hazardous situation or an accident occurs.

More than 2,300 company employees and partners have already downloaded Safety Force© and have carried out nearly 9,700 assessment in just over one year.
The public works top prize was presented by FNTP President Bruno Cavagné to Patrick-Charles Franqueville, HR director of Eiffage Infrastructures division, along with Thierry Coquin and Thomas Michielin, who are colleagues of Erick Lemonnier, Risk prevention Managing Director, and Karim Harbaoui from Eiffage information systems department, at the "Réinvestissons la France" Public Works Forum in Paris on February 23.

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