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Eiffage Metal Division organized a joint safety day



On 26 November 2013, the Eiffage Metal Division organized a day dedicated to safety for all personnel, administrative and operational, without exception, both in France and at European level (Belgium, England, Germany, Poland and Spain) and at its sites abroad (Antilles-Guyana, Libya, Nigeria, Philippines, Sri Lanka…).

The Metal Division of the Eiffage Group with its 5,700 employees has always made safety a priority, setting itself a goal of zero accidents. Over the past 10 years, the scope of the company has changed considerably with the integration of companies with very different safety cultures. Many initiatives have already been implemented to bring these into line : certification of systems, generalized deployment of MASE (Improvement of corporate security manual), staff involvement, awareness and training initiatives at all levels, have enabled accident rates to be significantly reduced, with frequency rates being divided by 3 and severity rates being divided by 4.

In order to improve results even further, on 15 October 2013, the Metal Division signed a partnership agreement with OPPBTP (Professional body for the prevention of risks in the building and public works sector) according to which it undertakes to organise PRAP (Prevention of risks related to physical activity) training sessions for its site workers operating in difficult conditions, raise awareness among its subcontractors and share experience feedback and best practices.

In addition to safety initiatives deployed throughout the year, each Metal Division site, whether it is a factory, a workshop, a worksite or a head office, has ceased activity for a few hours on 26 November in order to discuss a particular issue – behaviour and the importance of the human factor in terms of safety.
All employees, temporary staff and subcontractors were concerned. As well as presentations and debates structured around a film specially developed for this event, management has organized visits to sites, factories and video conferences. Jacques Huillard, Chairman of the Metal Division specifies : “Thanks to initiatives over the past few years and the mobilization of all concerned, we have been able to make significant improvements in terms of safety. However, we must keep up our efforts. This special day dedicated to safety at all our sites worldwide will help us to increase mobilization among our staff and further raise levels of vigilance.”