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I2TC Project public transport interconnections and cable technologies



The aim of the I2TC project is to adapt cable transport systems, typically used in mountain settings, to the requirements, challenges and needs of modern and sustainable cities. I2TC stands for “public transport interconnections and cable technologies”. This applied R&D project received funding from the French government after winning a call for projects (Fonds unique interministériel 17). It is being carried out by an Eiffage-led consortium comprising POMA, a cable transport specialist; RATP, a public transport corporation; CD-VIA, a consulting firm; The Vibrant Project, a digital agency; the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne; and engineering schools ENSTA ParisTech and École Centrale de Lyon.


Certified by the Advancity and LUTB competitiveness clusters, the €4.3 million project receives €1.6 million in funding from the Fonds unique interministériel,* the City of Paris and the Île-de-France and Rhône-Alpes regions. The three-year I2TC project will encourage the development of cable-drawn urban transport both domestically and worldwide and will spotlight France’s excellence in this field.

The project’s major goal is to relieve traffic congestion by overcoming various obstacles and congested roads and by taking fullest advantage of the third, overhead dimension as a dedicated public transport lane. By avoiding interference with ground vehicle traffic, this method of transport provides an opportunity to improve dense or suburban sections of metropolitan areas and extend existing urban networks.

I2TC takes a market-based approach to implementing sustainable development objectives, with a strong focus on contemporary and future cities’ social and civic goals as well as a low-carbon, economical and energy-efficient environmental solution leading to significant urban improvement.



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