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Eiffage signs PPP contract with University of Lorraine



Eiffage, through its Eiffage Concessions branch, has signed a 25-year public-private partnership contract worth €32.6 million for the financing, design & build, operation and maintenance of two buildings at the University of Lorraine, in Metz, France.

Illustrating the strength and pertinence of Eiffage’s comprehensive offering, this contract will also rely on the expertise of Eiffage Construction, leader of a design and build consortium with Eiffage Energie and the Lehoux-Phily-Samaha architecture firm, and of Eiffage Services which will operate and maintain the building throughout the term of the contract.

This project includes two new buildings with a total area of 14,800 sq. m: a microstructural and mechanics of materials research laboratory (LEM3) and a mathematics, IT and mechanical engineering training and research unit. It will provide modern and functional premises for 1,200 personnel and students at Metz science and technology park (Technopôle de Metz) by the beginning of the school year in 2017.

With its 60 laboratories and 46 training units, the University of Lorraine has a total of nearly 7,000 personnel and takes in more than 52,000 students a year. Its missions include teaching, vocational training, scientific and technological research, disseminating culture, scientific and technological information, technology transfers and international and cross-border cooperation.


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This project includes two new buildings with a total area of 14,800 sq.m. © Cabinet Lehoux-Phily-Samaha Architectes.