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Eiffage wins the construction of the metal framework and the facade of Le Monde’s new headquarters in Paris



Through its Eiffage Métal (consortium leader), Eiffage Génie Civil and Goyer subsidiaries, Eiffage has been selected by the Le Monde press group to build the metal framework and the facade of its new headquarters of nearly 23,000 sq m. in Paris’ 13th district, in the Paris Rive-Gauche commercial development zone, for a total amount of €43 million overall.
This eight-storey bridge building will stand on two piles and be supported by a metal structure built partly in Lauterbourg (Alsace), in one of Eiffage Métal’s plants. Its facade will consist of a two-layered envelope. Goyer will build the first, watertight section, while Eiffage Métal will make the second, which is mainly decorative.


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