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An Eiffage, Razel-Bec and TSO consortium wins the lot 1 of the line 16, the Grand Paris Express largest work package, for an amount of 1.84 billion euro



Eiffage, via its Eiffage Génie Civil subsidiary, leading the consortium comprising Eiffage rail, Razel-Bec, TSO (a subsidiary of NGE) and TSO Caténaires has been awarded by the Société du Grand Paris, the contract for lot 1 of the Grand Paris Express line 16. This line will link Saint-Ouen to Aulnay and Le Bourget, in Seine-Saint-Denis. This work package will allow a connection with line 14 and the construction of the first kilometres of line 17 and line 15 towards the east.

The contract, worth 1.84 billion euro (1.71 billion euro for Eiffage), involves excavating more than 19 kilometres of tunnels, building 18 related rail structures, laying railway tracks, installing overhead lines, providing path facilities and building 5 stations: Stade de France, La Courneuve Six-Routes, Le Bourget RER and Le Blanc-Mesnil and Saint-Denis Pleyel who will be the largest station of the entire Grand Paris Express (250,000 travellers per day).

The consortium includes the subcontractors Eiffage Fondations, Icop and Capocci as well as partners from engineering firms Sweco and Antea. It will also call upon a large number of SMEs.

This major contract, involving the processing of 700,000 m³ of concrete and the excavation of 2,600,000 m³ of land, will require the use of six tunnel boring machines.

The work will employ more than 1,500 people at its peak and generate nearly 6,000,000 hours of work, 500,000 hours of which will be performed by workers as part of a professional integration measure.

The works involve a 3-month preparation period and will be completed within 6 years.


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