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Eiffage continues the rotation of its PPP portfolio with the disposal of four projects in the field of education to Demeter



Eiffage has finalised with Demeter the disposal of 85% of the capital of the companies Eifficol 1 and Eifficol 3, Eiffly 54 and of 80.1% of the capital of Eiffigreen company, respectively holders of two PPP contracts in Seine-Saint-Denis (8 primary schools in total), of the school of Jarny PPP in Meurthe-et-Moselle and of the GreEn-ER university one, in Grenoble.

This transaction is globally valued at 240 millions of euros.

Eiffage will keep on providing the operation and facility management of these projects until the end of the contracts, thereby demonstrating its long standing commitment as long term industrial partner of its public clients.
This agreement is part of Eiffage strategy to actively managed its PPP portfolio. The execution of this strategy has lead Eiffage to realise close to 1.5 billion euros of PPP disposal since 2011, reducing the Group’s debt by the same mount.



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