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Eiffage launches Smartseille, the first flagship project for Euromed 2 in Marseille



The project to build Marseille’s future Allar green neighbourhood – dubbed “Smartseille” – was launched by Eiffage at a stone-laying ceremony attended by Marseille’s major and senator Jean-Claude Gaudin, Euroméditerranée Chairman Bernard Morel and Pierre Berger, Chairman and CEO of Eiffage on Friday, April 10 2015.

The Allar project – under the Eiffage banner and conducted by Eiffage Immobilier – aims to create Marseille’s 112th village. The site, to the north of the city, will be transformed into a model green neighbourhood embodying the principles of sustainable development and designed to meet the specific needs of residents and users. Some 58,000 sq. m of homes, offices and amenities are to be built on a 2.7 hectare plot.

Smartseille differs from earlier eco-districts because – instead of focusing on energy compensation systems (such as photovoltaic power) and the extensive of use of wood – it has adopted a comprehensive, systemic approach to sustainable development in a specifically Mediterranean context. This is based on Eiffage’s proactive strategy for sustainable urban development conducted via its Phosphore forward-looking research programme.

Based on Phosphore’s fundamental principles, such as energy solidarity (Solidarité Energétique®), innovative systems will be installed to, for example, enable heat generated by office air conditioning units to be recovered “free of charge” and used to heat homes and domestic hot water, reducing household energy bills by 30%. Smartseille also aims to encourage a social, occupational and age mix and to promote a neighbourly spirit. It will blend office, hotels, social housing and starter homes, along with crèches, schools and retirement homes. Full-scale tests are also being conducted on solutions for the management and conservation of the entire urban ecosystem and environmentally friendly on-site depollution systems (using fungi) in order to allow nature to return to the urban environment.

Ultimately, 4,000 people will be able to live and work in the Allar eco-district, representing the first milestone in the expansion of the Euroméditerranée scope (Euromed 2) and an initial landmark operation for Marseille’s future eco-city. This project is part of a larger planned development covering 170 hectares, which aims to create a model eco-city as one of the cornerstones of Marseille’s city of the future.

Work started in September 2014 with project phases scheduled for delivery between 2016 and 2018, when the finished Allar eco-district will be officially handed over.



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Future ecodistrict Allar in Marseille. © Babylone Aagroup.