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Eiffage launches project to renovate the Grande Arche at La Défense



A renovation project launch ceremony held at the top of Grande Arche monument in the La Défense business district on Wednesday, December 3, was attended by Francis Rol-Tanguy, Secretary General of France’s ministry of ecology, sustainable development and energy, the Minister of housing, regional equality and rural affairs, and Eiffage Chairman and CEO Pierre Berger.

The 20-year renovation contract for the project includes the redevelopment and modernisation of the work environment on the monument’s south side occupied by the ecology and housing ministries, and the renovation of facades and panoramic lifts so that the building’s uppermost 35th level can be reopened to the public along with the belvedere at the top of the Grande Arche, where a walkway “between Earth and sky” is to be built.

Special attention will be paid to optimising the site’s accessibility for the disabled and reducing the building’s energy footprint in compliance with the principles of sustainable development. Eiffage has signed an administrative emphyteutic lease agreement for the renovation of the Grande Arche, representing an investment of €192 million covered by an Eiffage equity contribution of €14 million and a total of €178 million in bank borrowings by Eiffage from Société Générale and Banco Santander.

Eiffage Construction, in association with the Valode et Pistre architectes firm, will carry out design, asbestos removal, restoration and improvement work. Eiffage Concessions, in collaboration with City One, will be responsible for supervising and managing the rooftop public areas. Eiffage Services will take charge of the maintenance of the structure’s shell until the end of the lease in 2034. Work will start in January 2015 and this major feature of Paris’s architectural heritage will be reopened to public visitors by the end of 2016.


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