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Eiffage Construction Métallique on the water



In short

The Louis Joubert lock gate, a lock gate for the autonomous port of Nantes - Saint-Nazaire, set off on May 20th for its long journey along the Rhine river, from the Eiffage Construction Métallique factory in Lauterbourg (Alsace) to Rotterdam, then on to the port of Saint-Nazaire where it will be tugged to its final position.

A steel giant

Measuring 52 metres long, 15 metres high, 9 metres thick and weighing over 1,300 tons, the lock gate is the heaviest piece ever produced by Eiffage Construction Métallique, and it took one hundred workers a whole year to construct. Once the lock door has reached its destination, a further four months will be required to complete installation.

Setting off on the Rhine

It took a whole day to load the steel giant onto the barge that will transport it to Saint-Nazaire. A special truck with 192 wheels and 24 axles, dubbed “the millipede”, was used to shift the lock door the 1,200 metres separating the Eiffage Construction Métallique factory from the river.