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Eiffage Sénégal rehabilitates the Faidherbe Bridge



In short

One of the metal spans of the Faidherbe Bridge, currently restored by Eiffage Sénégal at Saint-Louis, was installed during the night of June 12th to 13th.

The site

Installation of the new span, prefabricated in France at the Eiffage Construction Métallique and Berthold workshops and then transported to Saint-Louis by sea, only took a few hours to complete in order to minimize any impact on traffic.

Social and environmental objectives

Eiffage Sénégal has remained true to its commitment to sustainable development by initiating various social and environmental projects in Saint-Louis, including setting up a HIV awareness programme and the creation of the Bridge Gardens, which opened in December and should contribute to improving the quality of life for the people of Saint-Louis.


Eiffage in Senegal

This project illustrates the durability of Eiffage in Senegal, where the Group has been operating for some 84 years with projects such as the port of Dakar and the ongoing construction of the Dakar-Diamniadio motorway... learn more