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Inauguration of the A65 Pau-Langon motorway



In short

After more than two years of construction work, the A65 was inaugurated and opened to traffic in time for the holiday season. A 2x2 lane motorway now links the town of Pau with its regional capital Bordeaux in 1h30 instead of 2h20 previously. The rewards are considerable in terms of safety, the existing road having a reputation for accidents; and also economic development, with the opening up of the Landes department and business activity opportunities.

Preserving nature was a priority

Commitment to preserving biodiversity affected by its route has made the A65 a “Grenelle” compatible motorway, the first of its kind in the world, particularly in terms of the surface area of compensatory zones created – over 1,372 hectares – and the duration of the conservation of natural heritage programme.

All branches of Eiffage working together

The new motorway is the result of a joint effort by the various branches of the Group: Eiffage Travaux Publics, the design-construction pilot group, was responsible for the earthworks, engineering and road surfacing; Eiffage Construction Métallique was involved in constructing the viaducts (the route comprises 160 engineering works including 15 viaducts!); Forclum worked on the networks and IT systems; and Eiffage Construction was responsible for the operating buildings.
A’liénor, co-owned by Eiffage (65%) and Sanef (35%), 4th leading European road network operator, was responsible for designing, financing (approx. €1.2 billion) and building the new motorway link, and will operate and maintain the link for the next 55 years.


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