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Eiffage acquires Columbian company Puentes y Torones



Eiffage, through its Eiffage Travaux Publics subsidiary, has acquired Puentes y Torones, a Columbian company specialised in the construction of civil engineering structures. Founded in 1992, Puentes y Torones has nearly 500 employees and achieves sales worth about €20 million a year.

This company, which has its head office in Bogota, works all over Colombia – where its showcase projects include the El Tigre viaduct built in the Columbian Andes. It also operates in other South American countries and helped with the construction of the Trillizos bridges, officially opened in La Paz, Bolivia, in 2010.

Following the acquisition of ICCI in Canada in June 2014, this takeover confirms Eiffage’s determination to push ahead with its international redeployment. It also gives Eiffage a firm foothold on the continent of South America where there are huge needs in the field of transport infrastructure, especially in Columbia where the launch of its fourth-generation highway construction project, dubbed 4G, is the most ambitious in South America for the next 10 years.


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View of El Tigre viaduct built in the Columbian Andes by Puentes y Torones. D.R.